Improved FOIA bill blocked in Senate

In the nearly 40 years since Michigan’s legislature passed the Freedom of Information law (FOIA), that belief and practice of open access to the workings of government is challenged again with loopholes, laws, foot dragging and excuses that deliberately thwart
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No clear outcome in Monday’s meeting on court access, fees in proposed e-filing bills

Court transparency and accountability were among the concerns raised at Monday’s meeting with State Court Administrator Chad Schmucker along with counsel Anne Boomer. MiCOG and other interested groups attended a 75 minute meeting set up by Flint private investigator Patrick
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LSJ editorial advocates improved government transparency

The Lansing State Journal came out strongly supportive of Michigan government transparency and accountability in a recent editorial headlined: “Open government is better government, Extend rather than limit public access to records.” Kudos to the newspaper for its watchdog efforts covering this important
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