State news media push Senate to approve FOIA expansion

The drumbeat pushing the state Senate to approve the Legislative Open Records Act has begun. One of the opening salvos came from in an editorial headlined: “State Senate needs to heed House’s call for a more transparent government”.

Michigan is the only state to statutorily exempt the Governor and Lieutenant Governor for the requirements of the state’s Freedom of Information Law. A wrong-headed 1986 Attorney General’s Opinion allowed the Legislature to avoid FOIA, as well.

The House, in an overwhelmingly bipartisan effort, last week voted to expand the FOIA to include both arms of government. (The Courts will still be exempt by their own action when the original law was passed).

Detroit TV station WXYZ has also called on the State Senate to get this bill passed.

The Senate needs to listen and move swiftly to approve this legislative package and send it to Governor Snyder for his signature. The People deserve to have access to their government at all levels. MiCOG has been an active supporter of this legislation since it was introduced.

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