HB 4182 would close loophole in OMA

The Michigan House is  considering a bill that would make one important changes to the state Open Meetings Act (OMA). HB 4182 would require council members, trustees and other members of a public body to be physically present to vote. The change would clarify that a meeting is not open to the public if absent  members are allowed to vote.

The bill was introduced in February and referred to the Committee on Oversight and Ethics where it comes up for a hearing at 10:30 a.m., March 26, House Office Building Room 326.

Kudos to its sponsors: by Reps. Price, Franz, Cox, Maturen, Howrylak, Moss and Crawford.

HB 4182 closes a loophole allowing absent  public body members to vote on issues outside of the watchful eye of citizens and media.

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