General FOIA & OMA Questions

If you have a question about Michigan’s Freedom of Information or Open Meetings act, or you are faced with a potential violation of these laws, the Michigan Coalition for Open Government may be able to help. We can try to answer your general questions about these laws and, in limited cases, we may be able to support legal action through the filing of amicus briefs and limited financial support via the Knight FOI Fund.

Our coalition is a volunteer-led organization. We do not employ lawyers, although we do work closely with law students in the First Amendment Clinic at the Michigan State University College of Law to evaluate the legal merits of cases. If you are faced with a legal action, you should consult with your own attorney.

If you face a specific situation where you believe a public body has violated these laws or is denying you access to information you believe should be public, please use one of these forms to provide MiCOG with details information to help us understand your case:

For basic questions about FOIA or OMA in Michigan, please contact us using our general contact form.


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